Promote Your Web Site Online

Create Local Listings Local listings are a great way to get a presence at the top of the search engines. These are essentially pages that present a profile of your business with descriptions, photos, reviews, and links — and they appear at the top of the search results, second only to sponsored listings.

Forum Posting By posting references on various forums to targeted landing pages on your web site, we can drive a significant amount of traffic to your site. Forums are targeted for their relevance to your business, and your customers.

Directory Submissions We post your web site to various directories on the Web (such as, so that visitors who use those services to find vendors and service providers will be directed to your web site.

Blogging has taken the Web by storm and is quickly becoming an important way to market products and services. By starting a blog for your company you can develop a following that can turn into buyers, and bring their friends and family along for the ride.

Press Releases can be a great way to get one-way links back to your company web site. They’re an excuse to put relevant information out into the world, and are sometimes picked up by web sites with high ranking that can drive large amounts of traffic to your site and boost your rankings.

Article Submissions are a great way to share your content with other web sites. Not everyone has a great team of copywriters, which means that many companies can use help when it comes to creating content. By sharing your own content in the form of articles, you can get great links back to your web site to boost your traffic and increase your rankings.

Customer Reviews Everyone agrees that good testimonials go a long way to increasing a company’s credibility. Online marketing is no different. By encouraging your clients to write positive reviews for you on all the important web sites you can boost your credibility and increase your traffic when your customers do research.

Link Exchange This strategy can work out well if it is properly planned. Certain types of link exchanges can actually be counter-productive, but for the most part if it’s done properly, you can boost your ranking and traffic by exchanging links with various companies.

Social Networking is the new wave of online marketing, with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. companies can tap into this rapidly growing online marketing vehicle. There’s so much activity on successful social networking sites, and so much volume that they really are a terrific way of introducing people to your business.

Advanced Social Networking with our advanced package of online social networking, you can tap into some of the more exciting features of online social networking web sites, and have an ongoing custom campaign that aggressively gathers steam and rallies people around your business.